• Get Written Quotes — Ask for a written quotes (not verbal) from each of the contractors and have them emailed from a legitimate business email. (Not Hotmail or other common domains, this will show their professions from the get go…) What the quote should include in detail –

    The breakdown of labour, materials. All other costs like the primer and paints used. Make sure paints are of the highest quality brands like Dulux or Taubmans…If the painter is Dulux Accredited they should be using Dulux Paints anyway!’

    The quote can also be affected by the brand and the model of materials and surface preparation, number of coats of paint.  The quote should also include the contractor’s business information ABN and clear contact details.

    Make sure that quotation includes the scope of the job and time of job completion from start to finish (if exterior weather permitting).

  • Consider Their Credentials — Before hiring a painter, consider their credentials. Take note of their memberships with business groups and other affiliations… Their qualifications, licences, accreditations and insurances.

    Although their licenses are not mandatory, you can check them out on. Dulux Accredited & Members of the Master Painters Association are highly recommended Painters in Sydney.
  • Check References and Past Work — Get a list of the references from each of the contractor and call them to find about their experience working with them. Use their recent project to get an idea of how their current team work.

    A contractor with pride in their work will already provide client references at the time of quoting, and guide you to further testimonials. They should already have plenty for you to view on their website.

  • Compare Apples with Apples- and not oranges with apples! What do I mean ?…..Don’t compare the cost of a quote from someone with less experience, less qualifications, less accreditations etc.

    A true professional painter in Sydney has a high calibre of work to provide and will not take short cuts. They pay their team the contractor rates for their high quality work.  There will always be more than cost to consider within a quote, quality should always come above price.

  • Read The Signs – How was there look from start to finish? Did they arrive on time? How was there quote presented? Manners, presence online & offline.

    All of this can give you a good idea of their character before they even start your job. It may just show their commitment and reliability ahead of time, read the signs!

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